Top Ten Benefits of Blogging

There are many benefits of Blogging but I will give more of ones that relate commercial value in the short run or even better in the long run.

1. High Search Engine Ranking

There are two major aspects that relate to search engine traffic: Content and link backs. The more posts you do the more the keywords to get your blog and or your site. It’s very easy to find blogs with a particular keyword as opposed to the regular template sites.

2. High traffic

There are three major sources of traffic namely; direct page visit, keyword search and referrals. Blogs allow use of RSS feeds which can be easily shared through emails and other sites linking back to you.

3. Advertising.

Blog is a major super profit media through advertising. You can advertise your affiliate products from Click Bank and Amazon.

4. Increased conversions

Like I said earlier search engines love blogs. This increases your targeted visitors hence the blog compliments the products on your main website. for example if you own and then a blog like, the later will drive traffic to the main site

5. Personal/ corporate branding

If you are in a telecom company and you happen to be the only website that has a blog about telecommunication in your country then you are more likely to rank and dominate within the related keywords.

6. Legacy

Get Known for something. When we do a search on your name, what are you known for? Be known for something. Let there be much more in your name.

7. Consulting

When you are an expert on something people will always consult you for something. For example if you already own a management consulting firm. You can start a blog about management tips and do a newsletter as well. This will compliment your offline business and confirm you to be an ultimate authority. Try that today and you will see how.

8. Become a Maven

Who is Gill Gates? What comes to your mind when that name is mentioned? Then work hard to increase you online presence. When you succeed; fame and wealth will always find their way to the doorstep. Identify your niche, blog about it, rank and dominate

9. Meet like-minded people

When you share your opinions, thoughts and ideas. The internet will do the match making for you. You will get business associates, friends and people who accept you for who you are.

10. End up writing a book

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